Top 5 Mind Blowing Features of Android Wear 2.0

The wait is finally over.  With LG’s Watch Style and Watch Sport launch, Android Wear 2.0 is finally open to the masses. Smartwatches becoming trendy gadgets are getting the new makeover. The Gadget Bytes (TGB) team tells you the most amazing 5 features that wows the users.

Play Store

Google Play Store is now accessible to users from Android wear, It means they can now download the apps directly on Android wear without worrying about pairing with smartphone. It implies that standalone apps will finally be a thing on the new OS, opening new opportunities for developers to create apps based for the new platform. Since smartwatches are ready with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity nowadays, users can remain connected with world even without a smartphone in the pocket. That’s really cool!!!


It is not easy to use navigation on the little screen. The new version Android Wear 2.0 gives a new look making the easy navigation – swiping up brings up the notifications, swiping left or right switches the watch faces, swiping down gets the settings shade. The physical button will  open  the apps list, while long-pressing opens up the Google Assistant.  Another amazing improvement in the user interface is when watch face has a crown for spinning, it can adapt and rotate screens. That’s very neat and heart winning UI.

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Google Fit

Almost 99% of wearable are used for fitness freak users. Google has taken care for these Android  users. It has made the new version more robust and exercising companion. Android Wear 2.0 now comes with additional training options and also adds “Challenges” like the “Push-up challenge” or the “Squat challenge.”  Animated demonstration has been used on screen. This is to guide the user on the correct form while the motion sensors  will check to know  the right way.


Three ways in which users can input and interact with apps and messages. For messages “Smart Reply” will help users  the quick reply option to send fast replies to messages like Gmail. The another method of input is through the handwriting recognition capabilities of the wearable. So users can write what they wish to write. Lastly  the third method is  input through a full fledged keyboard that is also swipe friendly.


Notifications will appear in the form of small icons. If the message is unread, it will change into part of a progress bar at the screen’s bottom so users know whether they have read the notifications. So the notification is clutter free on Android Wear 2.0.  Google has also improved  the design of the notifications – a black background with light text,  to save battery life and enhance the visibility of the notifications.

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In addition to above five highlights there are many other improvements as well. Watch faces can be customized to suit the moods. Google Assistant is another one. This will make the wearable more interactive. Now we can hope for  more users adopting  this improved technology.


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