How to Take Smart Photos Using Smartphones

Smartphone is incomplete without camera in it. It has improved a lot in recent times. The young generation are using the smartphones to capture the moments and share across social media.

Here we will share you  some basic tips so that the photo captured are of better quality anywhere.

The Subject

While capturing the moment it is essential to have a clear idea of the subject in the frame. Take an example of the marriage ceremony. The place is usually crowded and therefore taking photos here and there will make entire place as a subject. If the bride is the subject, it is better to get closer to her and capture the moment. If persons are eating the food, one can get the frame in a way have a good view of the plate and people faces in the backdrop. This photo will have food as the subject.

Right Angle

The perspective of the photograph changes from different angles. Be ready to lie down or sit down to get the right level or fresh perspective. The photo of a small boy is better if taken by sitting down and capturing the moment.

The background

While is necessary have a clear subject. But it is equally important to have right background to complete the perspective. In the example of marriage if you are taking  bride’s photo, the background of glittering lights of the place or good decorations will enhance the beauty of the shot. This will make frame more natural feel.

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Rule of third

The principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts.   One should try to get the subject closer ot the intersecting lines. For photos of people, have their  eyes fall along one of those intersecting lines.


Typically the best shots are taken just after sunrise and before sunset. These are the times when sunlight is soft and gives better feel of the subject.

Apart from these tips it is also essential to understand the limitation of smartphone camera. Avoid the zoom feature as far as possible.

We are sure you will capture much better pictures with the these basic rules and get more likes on Facebook!!!


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