How to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook

People spend minutes and hours on Facebook. Of the commonly shared type of posts, video is hugely popular on Facebook. Video also plays automatically along with sound on Facebook’s mobile apps. Sometimes it is irritating and data consuming unnecessarily. We will brief you about how to stop Facebook automatically playing video along with sound.

How to stop Facebook videos auto-playing sound

There are two ways to stop  this:

  1.  by turning your phone on silent mode or muting the multimedia playback;
  2. by disabling the Facebook option that will be present in  settings for ‘Videos in News Feed Start With Sound’.

 How to stop Facebook videos automatically playing: Android app

Step 1. Open the Facebook Android app and open the Settings menu. To open this, press the icon with three horizontal lines on the top right of your News feed page.

Step 2. Once you enter the Settings menu you will be able to see a link to your profile page, friends, events, photos, pages you manage and more links. Scroll down further to the Help & Settings section and choose the top entry  App Settings.


Step 3. Under General settings look for and select Auto-play. Video Auto-play gives three options to choose : On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections, On Wi-Fi Connections Only and Never Auto-Play Videos. One should choose the latter if one doesn’t want video to ever autoplay on Facebook. Else choose On Wi-Fi Connections Only if you don’t like video auto-playing because you are concerned  about  tariff’s data allowance. 

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How to stop Facebook videos automatically playing: iOS app

The same Auto-play menu on Facebook  is also found in iOS as it is seen in  Android platform. To prevent this auto-play, tap on the downward triangle at the top of the News Feed and select Settings, then Videos and Photos. Choose Auto-Play and select one of  the three options: On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections, On Wi-Fi Connections Only, or Never Auto-play Videos. This will ensure that auto-play feature runs as per your preferred setting.

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