How to Speed Your Smartphone’s 3G Connection

Are you getting the right 3G speed on your smartphone? The customers may be paying for 3G pack to their telecom network. But they may be getting slower speed and this is the most annoying thing while browsing on mobile.

But there are certain corrective measures to ensure that your smartphone can get the best of the possible 3G speed.

The Right Browser

The browser is responsible for loading the websites on your mobile screen. Google Chrome is one of the best available for Android users. It is light and can sync multiple devices for seamless devices. But it takes a lot of space. Alternatively, Opera Max is also available that saves memory space. With its third-party VPN service, you will be able to save data usage on social media, video and audio playback, and other things. Additionally the lighter version Opera Mini is also available.

Clear Cache

Cache is also one of main reasons for slowing down internet experience all users. Therefore just make sure  to clear the cache from your phone’s Settings > Applications and select the app whose cache you want to clear. There is an app to ease the cache cleaning like Cache Cleaner.

Disable Images Download in Browser

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The test mode only in browsers ensures that the data is not wasted in images download for web pages. One can find it  in settings menu.  This can increase network speeds and enhance browsing experience.

Uninstall Memory Killer Apps

The app store is full of apps which takes a lot of memory space. These apps sometimes run in the background and thereby making the smartphone phone slower. The best way to get the best experience, uninstall such widgets and apps which are not actively used on mobiles.

We are sure your internet experience on your smartphone will be better using these easy steps.  Happy browsing on smartphone!!!

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