How To Keep Android Smartphones Secure

Smartphones have become an integral part of life. From daily emails to shopping, utility bills, cab booking, and many others it is impossible to imagine a day without smartphone. But we hardly keep the sensitive and confidential data stored on smartphone safely. Here we bring to you some safety tips to keep the android smartphones away from hackers.

Make a habit to use PIN or password protected home screen. Alternatively use a pattern lock to save the basic protection layer for accessing the mobile.

Individual apps should also be password protected. Especially for apps  where financial transactions are involved or personal data is saved, it is essential to safeguard the same. There are third party apps available to add the security layer.

Always download the apps from trusted source like Google Play Store. Don’t forget to see the reviews and ratings before downloading and installing the app.

Download Android device manager for tracking mobile phone when getting lost or stolen. It can also be remotely used to reset factory settings if configured properly.

Enable Google Authenticator for accessing accounts. It is a two–factor authentication for safeguarding the login of google accounts.

Don’t forget to install antivirus apps. There are many available with basic features at free of cost. Premium features are also available at a cost for these antivirus apps.

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Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks.  In addition to this also make sure  Wi-Fi is switched off when not needed.

Keep ‘Non-discoverable’ in Bluetooth settings. This is similar to Wi-Fi settings where hackers can find a way to sneak into the smartphone.

Avoid rooting the android smartphones. The rooting of phone makes it prone to malware and such attacks.


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