Google Play Store update makes managing Apps easy

In the last a few days there have changes to find  Google Play Store update. If someone  opens the Google Play Store on Android device, one might see the pleasant surprise in “My Apps & Games” tab. This section where we used to go to update and uninstall the apps  has been redesigned, has been redesigned with better interface and layout that makes  better use of available space. It also shows more useful information in one screen without requiring extra taps or toggling between screens. It is very apparent that Google is  figuring out how to assist the average people in dealing with  their apps. The best part is this change of Google Play Store update is available right away in your Android and there is no need to wait for the android update.

To understand and appreciate the layout and other improvements, it is better to compare with what the situation was earlier:

Before Google Play Store Update

The image below shows how this section of the Play Store looked earlier. It makes you feel wondering why is there so much unused white space, icons are big, star rating etc? This old way also ensured the updating individual apps  a lengthy task since  one had to tap into each separate app to avoid the “update all” button.

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Before Google Play Store Update

After Google Play Store Update

Now you find a refreshing look of play store. The image below is screenshot of Google Play Store update.  There is no more a “Subscriptions” tab and also there is no  “Installed” tab  displays updates. Now the app icons are a far more optimal size. One can now  tap “update” next to a specific app if it gets a cool new feature you want to try, without updating all the others apps at the same time. The size of the update is also visible, which is well appreciated by data conscious people. When there are no updates available, there’s even a refresh button to check for them again.

After Google Play Store Update

There are additional other features of the new update. The best part is the new  “Installed” tab, which now lets you sort the dozens or hundreds of apps you’re carrying around by four common-sense criteria: Alphabetical, Last updated, Last used, and  Size

There is also refreshing and smart way of listing apps. As you scroll down, you start seeing the apps you haven’t opened in a week or two or three or six.  This is really cool feature to know which apps have been there idle . This allow to uninstall the redundant app  right away.  Also the App Store’s “Purchased” and “Update” tabs are better than what Google had before.

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Overall a very welcome change in this latest Google Play Store update. This bring some freshness to the Android system as well. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the change as well.

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