Five Useful Google Apps for Android Users

There are a number of Google apps for Android. Google Play Store holds some useful treasures. These awesome creations by the creator of Android that are just waiting to be installed in your device.

Here are five Google apps that’ll help you do all sorts of interesting things with your Android device. And believe it not they are all free for Android device users.


Google Handwriting Input

This is very interesting Google apps for Android users.  Google Handwriting Input gives you a blank slate on smartphone display for writing. You can write  with your finger or a stylus. Then it converts your handwritten alphabets or words into actual text. It can even handle emojis. Isn’t is really cool app.

The best part about Handwriting Input is that it works hand-in-hand with Google’s Gboard keyboard. Once you install in your smartphone and activate the app on your phone. Then you will find a  globe-like icon in Gboard’s bottom row.  All you got to do is to tap it to toggle back and forth between regular QWERTY typing and your new handwriting input option. Now have fun while typing!!!


Google Trips


Can you remember how planning your last trip was painful and disorganised? Organizing travel can be a real pain,  Google apps for Android – Google  Trips app makes everything super simple.

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The app brings all in one package for trips. The trip automatically finds and imports all your travel information as it arrives in your Gmail inbox like travel reservations, hotel reservations, and any other related confirmations. Basically the app  bundles it all together into neatly organized trip-based portfolios for you. It also adds in extras like suggestions for nearby attractions, popular restaurant recommendations etc. Once your data is  pulled over, everything works offline. So don’t worry cellaular network when on trip.

 Chrome Remote Desktop

This is one of the coolest stuff for desktop users. Chrome Remote Desktop app is one of Google’s most powerful and useful cross-platforms tools. Surprisingly it doesn’t get enough attention. The app makes it so simple to remotely access any desktop computer from your hand held Android device. All you need to do is just install the companion desktop Chrome extension, set up a PIN, and you are done.  You can pull up your desktop on demand or do anything else you need from the palm of your hand and on the move.

Google Opinion Rewards

This app is still something most Android typical users aren’t even aware of. If you’re among those not yet have installed it, start immediately. Are you asking why? It is because you can make a few bucks as a free Google Play Store credit by taking the occasional quick survey.

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The app will notify you whenever a new survey is available. You answer a handful of questions about a  shopping experience or your opinions on some  of merchandise, and then the app puts a credit on your Play Store account. It can be for 10 cents or even a dollar. In any case it takes practically no time to do, and the credits add up fast.

 Android Auto

A few months ago Google revamped its Android Auto app. It made the app  for anyone who drives should have standing by. Basically the new Auto app is  a “car mode” for your phone — an interface that’s especially optimized for driving, with large buttons for commonly used commands. The app has simplified access to the sort of mobile buttons  you need more often driving your  car.


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