How to choose the right laptop

When it comes to buying laptop it is not an easy task. One does not see the advertisements like mobile phones. The specification are most of the times difficult to understand.
Here TGB will walk you through the easy guide to buy good laptops without burning your pocket…


The size of the screen is perhaps the biggest decision point for laptops. I f some one is looking for easy to carry and lightweight laptop then 12-14 inches version would be the right choice. If you want a powerful machine with graphics card, the powerful machines are typically 15.6-inch or above. The smaller screen size will also mean smaller keypad and smaller battery. So take a call wisely.

Display Designs

Some display screens can swivel or some can be detached from the body. But all these fetaure come with a premium. So unless there is a genuine need for such screens, one should go for conventional displays.
Unless you are going to show off or inclined to buy touch screen, it is advisable to avoid touchscreen for common uses.

Hard Drives & Ports

Gone are the days for S-video, VGA, Firewire etc. Modern laptops are HDMI port s, card reader. The modern trend is to go for USB type C ports (multipurpose).
Hard drives and optical drives are becoming extinct. There is a gradual shift to flash based storage (SSD) for they are small, light and speedy but a little expensive.

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Weight Vs. Battery

Nowadays laptops are lightweight and lasts up to 5-6 hours for common users. Someone who is looking long day performance will need to shell out the premium rates.

Operating System

It is possible ot save a few thousand rupees if oen opts for Linux or open source OS instead of usual Windows. But if you going to use windows the it is strongly advised to buy bundled laptop, and not to buy Windows separately. Compromising on Windows OS may cause compromised security or malware or other unwanted problems.

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