Best Smartphone Screen Repair Options for cracked screen

A cracked screen on your smartphone can be an embarrassing situation among your friends. If you don’t have the right repair options it could ruin your entire day or month and bring down your usual productivity.

TGB will take you through the various options you can use to fix your broken Apple iPhone screen or broken Android screen. There are a number of ways you can fix your cracked screen and options to look for help.

Contact The Manufacturer

In case  you have  broken your smartphone screen during your manufacturer’s warranty period, you should be able to get it fixed for free and within a few hours’ to a few days time. Such cracked screen must be under the warranty terms of the manufacturer. Accidental nature of the such incidences are not covered in warranty. If it turns out-of-warranty screen repairs cost  a few hundred bucks.

DIY Screen Repair

There are multiple repair manual websites like iFixIt. They provide several tutorials on how to fix various devices’ phone cracked screen. They also provide complete  guides on what components you should purchase and where you can buy them. There are also various Youtube channels for demonstrating “how to do” it.

Out of Warranty Repair

If you are not able to spend the time or you don’t have the expertise and knowledge needed to repair your cracked screen on your own. Then  there are other options instead of buying a new phone. There is always an option to go for out of warranty repair. This is always cheaper than buying a new phone especially if you phone is just a few months old.

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Local Repair Shop

If you are not close to an Apple or other smartphone repair centre or don’t want to send your Android phone back to the manufacturer you can always look into a local repair shop. Nowadays there are pick and drop facilities available  for cracked screen repair available in major cities. You can connect with such service providers from Urban Clap or other home service provider and aggregators. Even in smaller cities there is usually one place doing repairs to broken iPhone screens or Android screens.


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