Best Android Apps: Browsers for Android

Browsers are the gateways to the Web world. TGB (The Gadget Bytes) brings to you the best Android apps – top five in browser category.


The ubiquitous Chrome is brought to you by Google, and Android is brought to you by Google too. It is one of  the best Android apps in the business…any doubt?

The  benefits of Chrome is that it’s available on your desktop and your mobile, meaning one can sync tabs and bookmarks across all platforms, and have features like autofill and password-syncing too. This makes  am easy seamless switch between their laptop and smartphone.

But Chrome does not  support Flash videos, and it only works with Android 4.0+ .  In addition to  incognito mode, which is easy to activate, Chrome  supports Do Not Track to block tracking of  online browsing behaviors.



Android version of the Firefox browser is very fast and feels  mature similar to desktop version. It lets you synchronize  all mobile  data and preferences, including  passwords, history, bookmarks and add-ons. It works across devices, including your desktop. This is big USP of Firefox.

The app comes with a full security setting including an option to protect your information from unwanted  advertisers. Like the desktop version, Firefox for mobile has a robust selection of plug-ins to boost productivity.

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Opera browser app  is a full-fledged browser for Android. With its appealing design, it opens your gateway to online content. It is equipped with features like a built-in news portal and the Opera mobile apps store. To keep data consumption low Opera also has  special video compression and ad-blocking software.

Opera browser has Speed Dial feature which  is like a visual bookmarking system, letting  you drag related items to create a group of bookmarks. Another feature ‘Discover’ feature delivers a filtered list of news and  articles from selected region.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a smart and smaller  version of the full Opera browser designed to work best  where network conditions are not the best. It has  features quite similar to Opera. Additionally Opera mini gives you access to special Opera Web apps, complete with news and social media updates, security settings, and even ad-blocking.


Dolphin is one of the oldest and best Android apps in the business and most-popular third-party browsers for Android. The browser offers a similar features of speed dial-style visual bookmarker to that of Opera. Also it is easy to switch between different tabs. It was one of the earliest browsers to enable tabbed-browsing on Android.

Features like ‘Sonar’ mode lets you use your voice to search the Web. Moreover One can draw a gesture on the screen, for example an ‘F-shape’, which link that shape with a particular URL or browser action.

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